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Moonstone Heart Bracelet Forever Love Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

Dazzle the night with this chic silver bracelet! Sporting a subtly-shimmering moonstone heart and dainty snake chain clasp, this bangle is sure to make a lasting impression with any ensemble. Express yourself with this unique and stylish accessory!

The Bangle symbolize love, affection, and care. The moonstone heart beads are a classic symbol of love, and the snake chain adds a touch of elegance to the design.The foxtail bracelet is exquisite and unique, featuring a heart-shaped moonstone buckle that reads “Forever Love”. It can be worn alone or with other Charms.

The charm bracelet is compatible with all major brands of charms including brands such as Chamilia and other well known brands. As a guideline a full bracelet holds on average 15-20 charms.

The bracelet is packed in a beautiful jewelry box.

Sparkle your dream!!

Metal: 100% 925 Sterling Silver (Hallmarked)- All our jewellery items are sourced from our Trusted long-term supplier who specialise in making the highest quality genuine sterling silver jewellery.


925 Sterling Silver, Cubic zirconia


17cm, 19cm, 21cm


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