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Rainbow Spacer Charm Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

Add some colour to someone’s day with the gift of this multi-coloured spacer charm!
Spacers are decorative and small in width. They are used to accentuate certain charms.
For example many people like to accentuate the center bead on their bracelet by placing a spacer on either side of the central bead.
They are also great to use throughout your bracelet to add some dimension.
Spacer charms are thinner and will add that extra touch of sparkle between regular charms.

*one charm only – does not include bracelet.

100% 925 Sterling Silver (Hallmarked)
Multicolor Cubic Zirconia

All our charms are sourced from our Trusted long-term supplier who specialise in making the highest quality genuine sterling silver jewellery.

The charm is packed in a beautiful jewelry box.

1*0.5 cm



925 Sterling Silver, Cubic zirconia


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